Erin McIsaac

Dumb & Dumber Aficionado | Dachshund Lover | Disney Princess Wannabe | Registered Nurse| Snack Seeker

What motivates you about being a Motivator?
YEG Cycle is so much more than physical fitness - it's a supportive community grounded in compassion, camaraderie, and self-love. Smiling is contagious and nothing motivates me more than spreading that energy! Be the change you want to see in the world!

How would you describe your style of classes at YEG?
Exercise doesn't have to be boring - let's dance, let's sweat, let's have some fun! My style is such a mixed bag. I love throwback tunes, heavy beats, and new jams! You'll hear anything from Rob Zombie to Justin Bieber to Mark Morrison in my classes. And if you've got requests, I want to hear them! 

Did you ever have an imaginary friend growing up?
No, but my sister did! She had an imaginary pet cat named Broccoli. I have terrible middle child syndrome so I tried to copy her. I told everyone that I had a blue wiener dog named Carrot.

You can invite 4 famous people to dinner. Who do you choose?
Ryan Reynolds, Chrissy Teigen, Ellen DeGeneres, and The Cookie Monster.

How can we find you on #instagram?


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