Bring Your Waterbottles Up High and Cheers to Our One Year!

It’s been 365 days of sweat, smiles and spin, and we’re still here, stronger than yesterday. But what has defined that strength – the workout, or the feeling that comes up after your body has settled?

On the surface, spin is physical. Your legs challenge the push down of added tension, your body enters a balancing act between keeping the beat and moving through counts of 4, 8 and 16 in a HIIT, and the muscles in your arms pull back with force as you breath through chest presses on a 5-minute weights track. But at some point, you realize that this all works you mentally. Fifty minutes of moving your legs on a bike with 42 other riders turns into a space filled with magnetic energy, where you have the opportunity to dig in a little deeper on mental and emotional levels.

Whether you’ve just clipped into your first class or you’ve been on this journey with us for the past twelve months, I challenge you to be open to experiencing any emotion that comes up during your ride. Each motivator is there to guide you, the Bikergang community in that spin room is there to support you, but you hold the power to make one of two choices in those 50 minutes: unleash the courage to take a risk, or hold back in fear of uncertainty. The next time you find yourself in a battle between pushing past your limits and wanting to stay in the confines of your comfort zone, decide what small shift you can make in that moment. Maybe you’re chanting the mantra “yes I can and yes I will” until the end of the track. Maybe you make the slightest turn up with your tension. And then maybe you turn it back down. The point is that you trusted yourself to experience the unknown, no matter what the outcome.

Ride with your chest proud and high five your neighbours, Bikergang; it’s time to turn the page and take on another twelve months. Thank you for trusting this process and bringing your all in this past year. The energy you create is electric.

Big love.