Give it Up for GIVE’R: Little Warriors!

The studio energy is already on a spin high for this quarter’s new GIVE’R charity! Maybe it’s the thrill of water bottles cheering and hype towels waving after one of these killer Friday night classes, but it actually gets a little deeper than that.

Ever wondered why you feel so good after helping someone out? The practice of generosity releases endorphins in the brain that aid in improving mood, decreasing stress, and building social connections. You’re doubling up on the feel-good release of physical spin and the even better feeling of giving back to your community. We’re in the business of happiness, and you, the Bikergang, bring that statement to life every time you spin in support of our GIVE'R charities.

Our draw in January revealed YEG Cycle's newest GIVE'R charity; we have two months left to sweat in support of Little Warriors!

Little Warriors Logo

Little Warriors is a national, charitable organization committed to the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. A big part of Little Warriors is the Be Brave Ranch, which is a long-term facility to help children who have been sexually abused by providing a variety of therapies run by clinical professionals. To help the children who access Little Warriors, we can support this charity every Friday night, 6:30pm, at a discounted drop in cost of $10; all proceeds from January 6 to March 31 go to this GIVE'R.


One of our Bikergang members, Dallas, took his generosity a step further and held his own charity class last Sunday for Little Warriors. With about 35 riders in his class, this charity ride raised $1430 separate from YEG Cycle's GIVE'R donations. Dallas was able to connect his passions for charity work and spin; talk about being in the business of community!

If you're riding with us for Friday night GIVE'R classes, please make sure to hold your bike by registering on Thursdays 12am. We'll see you on the bike!

Find Little Warriors on social media:

If you're interested in holding a charity ride of choice, please email