FOOD2FUEL: YEG Community

Happy love month, Bikergang!

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” I'd incorporate spin into this quote; you, your team and 50 minutes on that bike acts as a necessary pick-me-up for when we’re dwindling down from the demands of our big and busy lives. But the best medicine? A combination of the two: spin and nutrition. Without food to keep our bodies and brains fueled, we’re missing out on the potential power that we could bring to those hovers and climbs. Every time I leave the studio, my body needs to refuel with some feel-good food. I’m notorious for forgetting to bring something to eat post-class, so if I’m not jetting home right away, I’m craving one of my favourite YEG food spots – kb&co!


Kristina, kb&co's owner, found inspiration for her space after reflecting on her own big and busy life of working, being a mom, and all other fun activities in between:
"On the days that work and life didn’t have me running around, I’d spend my time in the kitchen creating meals that were amazingly tasty and good for you as well. I would tell my husband over and over that I must get this into the mouths of others. I wanted others that are at the mercy of life’s demands to have food like this accessible on the fly. If others struggled with digestion issues, I swore this was the answer. If you wanted sustainable energy, this would give you that. I wanted to change the way we think about food as it doesn’t have to be boring. I wanted to inspire people to eat well themselves, and most importantly, make them feel well! And so, that’s where it all began. I believe my passion had met my purpose with kb&co."

From smoothies to salads to the healthiest version of a sloppy joe, my tastebuds light up every time I eat at the downtown community's plant based café. I'm an avocado aficionado, a serious lover of the creamy green filled with Vitamin B to increase mood and energy levels and Potassium to lower blood pressure and get rid of excess sodium. Naturally, my go-to pick is the Balsamic Berry Avocado Toast. My sweet tooth can't resist the display of superfood treats to indulge in, so it's guaranteed that I'm leaving with a Raw Cinnamon Roll or Trail Mix Cookie. It's absolutely satisfying to eat and know that the ingredients will keep me going, not take me down on a sugar-crash before spin!

Menu aside, what I really value about kb&co is that I can trust that what is going into my body is wholesome and nourishing, and that it's created by people who are excited to share their passion for health with others. I'm driven by people who create community with health in mind; at YEG Cycle, it's through spin, and with kb&co, it's through nutrition. Kristina connected three of our studio's pillars with her space at kb&co:

"Anytime I hear a guest at kb&co say, 'I feel so good after eating your food', I get goosebumps. I’m changing the way people feel. That’s incredible. For the betterment of the people. I love that."
"Man do we ever have it. You can feel it when you visit the store. We love what we do and we believe in what we do."
"This is a must! Being positive never ever hurts. We strongly believe that being positive brings on positive results. We’re all in this together."


A happy body is a healthy body, and a healthy body is a balanced body. You lead big lives, Bikergang, and YEG Cycle is always here for your dose of spin medicine, but remember the second component of the happy body equation: nutritional health. Regardless of where you fuel up, I'll meet you before (or afterwards) on the bike!

Big love.