LOCKER ROOM TALK: Caleb's 3 Ways to Get Physical

New month, new weather (no more snow!), new goals; the transition from grey skies to warmer months ahead can definitely be a motivator for summer season. If you’re striving to get back into the strongest physical version of yourself, the key is BALANCE. As someone who loves being on the bike all day every day, Caleb has three hot tips to balance out spin with other workouts so that your body is happy!

"Spin is a good start, but you can't burn yourself out with it... People give up on spin cold turkey because they only did spin."

Riding will get you toned, but there are so many other ingredients that go into the strong body recipe. I like to think of a healthy lifestyle like baking a cake (and lets make it gluten-free so I can eat it!). You can’t just add flour to a baking tray, put it in the oven and expect to a cake to bake. A list of ingredients, whether one more or five more, is needed; it’s different for every recipe, just like the ideal workout combo is different for every person and every lifestyle. My top three ingredients are resistance training, yoga and foam rolling; without them, I couldn't show up happy and healthy on that bike!


"I'm riding, like, 6 days a week. I just don't know how to tone up."

You want to crush those 3 or 5lb weights for a full weight track? Cross train! Focus balancing out spin by complimenting it with resistance training; I wouldn’t be able to push and pull through spin or survive a weights track if I didn’t work on building strength beyond the walls of the spin room. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing trainers in YEG: Chris Tse from Blitz; Phil Daly from FirstLine training; and Shara Vigneault from SVPT. They don’t just focus on lifting weights, but body form, and work on your weak areas to bring them back stronger then before! Whether it’s with a trainer at one of Edmonton's personal training studios, group classes, or at the gym, resistance training is my top pick to balance out with how many times I ride that bike.
"Yoga? Not for me. I'm not flexible."

Yoga is not just about being flexible, it’s about taking the moment to slow down, love your body and give it an added stretch! And most importantly, try it again! And invite me to go with you! It took me years to find a place I felt comfortable, instructors that I understand and understand my body. So give it another shot, ask questions and be open about anything and everything!

Yoga: it helps me stretch, loosen, and most importantly, breathe. Spin hits us with flashing lights and loud music, but with yoga, I can take time to reflect without my phone and without music; my mind is more at ease, causing my body not to not tense up. As someone who always has to be doing something, be around people, or be listening to music, I’ll fall asleep with headphones in most of the time. Yoga is the one hour where it’s just me, my breathe, my thoughts – nothing else. Pure bliss.
When I was first introduced to yoga, I was intimidated. I had know idea what to do with my breathe; even though I had to breathe just like they were telling us to, I ended up not breathing at all and got super light headed. But don’t fear the yoga mat – Experiment! It took me months to find the right class with the right style of yoga that works for me. Stereotypical OMMM yoga isn’t my calling, that’s just not who I am. I need something chill, with light music, light stretches and a few jokes. I’ve committed to Revive and Restore once a week with Dani Parks – she’s incredible. I could be here for hours listing why she is such an inspiring, person, friend, instructor and mom! Her classes are relaxing, as challenging as you make it; you have options of different variations if you want more or less intense of a stress, and wicked mellow jams (Chainsmokers remix got me hooked). 
Bree Guhle is another amazing instructor – she was the first person that got me into any sort of yoga/stretching routine that I was excited to do! Her classes allow me to not only stretch my body, but challenge my muscles and build strength in areas we ignore in the gym or during spin. I noticed right away doing yoga how tight my hip flexors and strangely enough my ankles were. Bree works with a large number of athletes, so she focuses on doing what’s best for your body, giving you alternative poses to adjust to what your body needs. I leave feeling sweaty, accomplished and energized, ready to hop on the bike for out next ride!

A must have in anyone’s gym bag- or a tennis ball for a “softer” touch. I always carry a lacrosse ball with me. It’s the little things, something as simple as a lacrosse ball that’s in my bag. I’ll drive it under a knot on my body – it hurts like hell but releases built up tension. The secret to that final release? Essential oils. I use Saje products all the time to roll on sore muscles. Foam rolling is my necessary to-do thing before bed – I’ll focus more on the big muscle groups, legs, quads, calves and hips. They’re are what I use the most and are usually the tightest for me!


My backpack holds my life - I could literally fit a small child (or Dao!) in it. I like to have as much stuff easily accessible. Here’s what’s in mine: 

Water Bottle
Saje Pain Release stick
Saje Muscle Melt body butter
Davines Hair moulding cream
Two sets of headphones
At least 3 snapback hats
2 Outfits ( usually to sweat in)
Loose Change
2 BioSteel Protein bar
2 packs of Skittles
Lacrosse Ball

What’s in your gym bag?

TURN IT UP: Soundcloud X Caleb

"Lights flashing, music high, sweat dripping - the hustle on. This is what sends chills down my neck and through my spine! Music is the force that drives, pushes and speaks to us in so many different ways. There is nothing better then driving on a hot summer day, windows down, aviators on and your favourite song comes on the radio; you want to pump and dip on the steering wheel, drive your hand to crank up the volume, open your sunroof and grab your phone [when you're parked of course ;) ] to take an Instagram story of that moment! I think we’ve all been there! I’ll let you in on a little secret… I can sing along word-for-word to a lot of the songs that I play in class, but I can’t name the artist! My music style tends to change a lot. I love that feeling when sweat is pouring down your face and a song that you haven’t heard since 2005 comes on, magically driving you to make two turns up to the right! That is what I live for! I choose beats that I hope inspire, push and energize you during our 50 minute hustle. I love finding remixes of well-known songs, songs that aren’t extremely over-played, or just FUN, intense tunes with a catchy beat; basically anything that we can sing along to. I play pretty much everything (except country). Be warned, I’ll throw the odd Nickelback song in, as well as anything from the Top 40 and old school Taylor Swift remixes, to the Lion King and t.A.T.u. These tracks and your energy in class makes me want to jump off my bike, run around and high five each of you! I always love getting song requests and can find a remix of pretty much anything. Is there a song you want to ride to? Let’s make it happen. Chat with me around the studio or send me a message on Instagram! Let’s Ride!" Caleb @cjjansen1