TURN IT UP: Soundcloud X Caleb

"Lights flashing, music high, sweat dripping - the hustle on. This is what sends chills down my neck and through my spine! Music is the force that drives, pushes and speaks to us in so many different ways. There is nothing better then driving on a hot summer day, windows down, aviators on and your favourite song comes on the radio; you want to pump and dip on the steering wheel, drive your hand to crank up the volume, open your sunroof and grab your phone [when you're parked of course ;) ] to take an Instagram story of that moment! I think we’ve all been there! I’ll let you in on a little secret… I can sing along word-for-word to a lot of the songs that I play in class, but I can’t name the artist! My music style tends to change a lot. I love that feeling when sweat is pouring down your face and a song that you haven’t heard since 2005 comes on, magically driving you to make two turns up to the right! That is what I live for! I choose beats that I hope inspire, push and energize you during our 50 minute hustle. I love finding remixes of well-known songs, songs that aren’t extremely over-played, or just FUN, intense tunes with a catchy beat; basically anything that we can sing along to. I play pretty much everything (except country). Be warned, I’ll throw the odd Nickelback song in, as well as anything from the Top 40 and old school Taylor Swift remixes, to the Lion King and t.A.T.u. These tracks and your energy in class makes me want to jump off my bike, run around and high five each of you! I always love getting song requests and can find a remix of pretty much anything. Is there a song you want to ride to? Let’s make it happen. Chat with me around the studio or send me a message on Instagram! Let’s Ride!" Caleb @cjjansen1


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