GIVE'R: Zoe's Animal Rescue Society

Our GIVE'R charity is all about spreading love through wet kisses and furry hugs. Find out why the Bikergang is showing some sweaty support for them at the Friday night GIVE'R class!

What does Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society do?
Zoes takes in unwanted, stray, injured, sick dogs and cats and gets them any care that they need, including the very important spay and neuter! Once they are medically and behaviorally ready, we find them a FURever home. In the past, we have also rescued a pig, a goat, a chinchilla, and a guinea pig! All beings deserve kindness.
Another aspect of Zoe’s is our Helping Hands Program, where we help low income, isolated and/or marginalized individuals access vet care, food, and shelter so that they can keep their animals. We are strong believers in the well-documented therapeutic effect that animals have on people, and we stand behind the no-mamas-left-behind rule, meaning that if we take kittens or puppies, we will not leave the mom. Instead, she will be spayed and returned to her owner or taken into our care.
We also provide education in schools and communities to teach about the basic needs of animals and safety around animals.

What's the difference between adopting and fostering?
We take adoption seriously, and hope that it is a lifelong commitment for the new family. When you adopt, you are now responsible for that animal's needs and costs. Alternatively, when you foster with us, Zoe's is responsible for the animal and we provide you with support and all the supplies, including rides to the vet for your little one if necessary. We also cover all vet care. That being said, we stand by our motto that "Once a Zoe's animal, always a Zoe's animal" and are always willing to do what we can for the animal, even after adoption. 
To adopt from us may seem like quite the process, but we take this commitment quite seriously. You fill out an application on our website and if it is a good match you are contacted for a meet. Then, if you have animals, the animals meet. If all goes well, we call 3 references and then a volunteer will do a home check. We have a 3% return rate, so we feel like this process is worth it, but we understand if some people don't want to go through it. In such cases, we suggest places like the Humane Society where you can adopt off the floor and are still helping an animal in need.

Why adopt? We say adopt because it will change not only your life but theirs. It is so rewarding to see your adopted animal blossom and feel safe. Knowing that their fate would not have been the same without you fills your heart with a type of meaning and joy that I can't describe; you just have to experience it. 

How does Zoe’s create PAW-sitive change?
The most rewarding experiences are seeing families take what we teach them and put it into action. That skinny dog you saw shivering in the cold is now the chubby, shiny dog, snoozing comfortably in his doghouse. That mama dog you fixed and brought home to her family after 8 weeks away is now raising her puppies so they can be safe and find homes, wagging her tail and getting head pats. The families who chose to breed and would never alter their animals are now coming to us, requesting that their same dog be altered. Families that once didn't acknowledge us, scared of what we were there to do, now come smiling to greet us as we have shown them kindness and respect. This all makes us feel like we are doing something right. All beings deserve kindness, and we believe that we are improving lives of animals and people simultaneously.

How can our community help if we're unable to foster or adopt an animal?
Help by being a responsible pet owner, and spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering. Lobby our government to bring about harsher laws for animal abuse and neglect. Attend or share events of local rescues and animal welfare groups. Follow our Facebook page; we’d love you as a volunteer!

How does the YEG Cycle Bikergang support Zoe’s through a GIVE’R class?
We are so, so excited to be associated with such a generous benevolent organization such as YEG Cycle. The money that they raise for us will literally mean more animals lives saved! More families that get to stay together! More positive change in our community!




Ride for Zoe's Animal Rescue Society at Whyte & 124th on Friday's at 6:40pm!

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