Time to Soak Up the Sun!

There is no better time than now, to reset and reenergize!

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Grace. I work as part of the team at YEG Cycle, and also as a Registered Nurse who is passionate about people, health, and life. I am hear to share topics related to health and wellness to ensure that you, yes, you Bikergang, are at your healthiest off the bike to ensure a great ride on the bike!

As a note, all topics mentioned in this post should be discussed further with your primary Physician before enacting any changes. Change is always something to embrace, best to do it SAFELY!

Let’s clip in!

Summer is arguably the best season of them all. The blazing sun sharing all of its light and energy with us; this is the season to care for your body just even more.

This starts with protecting your largest organ. You guessed it, your skin.

S U N S C R E E N – This is now your companion for the next couple of months. A healthy body is balanced inside and out. Protect your skin the same way you are protecting your heart, lungs, and brain. Aim for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that contains SPF of 30 or greater; it will protect against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This is a priority! Exposure to UV radiation causes genetic mutation in the skin that disturbs the natural replication cycle of the skin, causing the skin cells, named melanocytes, to replicate rapidly. The results could be malignant tumors that can sometimes progress to skin cancer. After sweating it out on a fire ride at YEG Cycle Bikergang, be sure to reapply your sunscreen before sun exposure! Healthy skin is always in season.

Keep things R E L A X E D, especially when you are engaging in physical activity. Wear loose, light-colored exercise clothing to reflect the heat from the sun. Another option is to invest in a high tech material designed for exercising. Most exercising companies have a variety of options, so take the time to do some research and identify companies that work for your lifestyle and your budget!

A great sweat riding it out to at the studio can sometimes feel like a little dip in the pool. Water / Sweat tends to collect in areas on the body where skin-to-skin interaction is high - this causes friction between the two surfaces. This is commonly referred to as “C H A F F I N G”. Stress no more, Bikergang - I’ve got you! There are two methods to combat against this. The central theme of both is creating a barrier!
  1. Keep things cool and dry. Avoid wearing wet clothing items for too long, ex. YEG-workout gear. If you are not able to change between your spin doubles, use baby powder as a barrier to dry things up. The only warning with this is that the powder can clump and in of itself can become a chaffing promoter.
  2. Keep things lubricated. Repel moisture by using a lubricating barrier. Two of the best options are Vaseline, or my personal favorite, BodyGlide!
If none of these work and now you have really irritated skin, Aquaphor, or some ointment will do the trick. If the irritation intensifies –burning, painful, red, can’t walk or cycle without bursting into tears – be sure to head to your family Physician or Dermatologist. They may or may not provide you with a low dose topical steroid cream to help remedy the situation.

I don’t think I need to remind you of this next point. But just in case…. Keep on drinking the elixir of life, W A T E R. During the summer weather you deplete your water stores rather quickly. How? - You guessed it, through sweating. Between the invigorating classes at YEG Cycle to the blazing summer sun, you won’t be able to keep track. So Bikergang, keep your Swell topped up between your rides.

On that same note, keep in mind two pertinent details when trying to balance out your water stores:
  1. Replace your electrolytes: Sweating causes an electrolyte imbalance. Primarily, we lose salt. Where salt goes, water goes. If too much water leaves your body, you can become dehydrated. It is crucial to balance water and electrolytes to maintain a functional body for your rides and prevent heat exhaustion from occurring.
  2. Heat Exhaustion is exposure to high temperatures, coupled with high humidity and strenuous physical activity. In hot weather, the body cools itself by sweating. The evaporation of your sweat helps maintain a balance in your core body temperature. When hot weather and high humidity are paired with strenuous physical activity, the body is unable to efficiently cool itself. This results in your body overheating.
Signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion may include:
  • Heavy sweating
  • Increased thirst
  • Weak rapid pulse
  • Faintness
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Pale or flushed face
If you think you are experiencing heat exhaustions, perform these activities:
  1. Stop all activities and rest
  2. Move to a cooler place
  3. Remove tight or heavy clothing
  4. Trade caffeine for cool water or sports drink (Gatorade, Powerade)
  5. Cool yourself by spraying or sponging yourself with cold water, or use a fan
Seek medical attention, calling 911, if your signs and symptoms worsen or do not improve within an hour!
  1. Fainting
  2. Confusion
  3. Seizures
  4. Fever of 40 degrees Celsius or greater.
It is important to take note of these symptoms so that what could merely be heat exhaustion does not escalate to a heat stroke, a life threatening condition.

I encourage you all to continue boosting your mental/physical immunity - let's get those endorphins circulating! Sending lots of love and light to you all Bikergang. I hope to catch you around the studio, whether that is off or on the bike.

Grace, RN.

*If you have any questions, comments, topic ideas and/or concerns that you may want me to explore, send them in! I am more than happy to do so.

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I was walking along Whyte Ave one afternoon and noticed the YEG Cycle spin studio. As I enjoy riding my road bike, I thought that I might like to spin. I checked out the website and registered for the Introductory 2 Week package.

I showed up a bit early for my first class and watched as others arrived. Oh my goodness, they are all so young... very young! I was blessed to have Greg as my motivator and he sensed that I was nervous. He showed me where to grab a towel, weights (who said anything about using weights!) and how to set up my bike. He smiled and said to have fun. After 50 minutes of spinning, I was drenched in sweat, but actually smiling. Greg said to keep coming back and to experience other motivators, as everyone is unique. Over the next two weeks, I met the lovely Robyn and the ever so hilarious Oliver.

I soon realized that by signing up for the 5:15 class I was forcing myself to leave work on time. Due to some staffing issues I had become a hostage to my job which was affecting all avenues of my health... mentally, physically and socially. The more classes I took, the better I felt. I was being greeted by my first name and a smile from those attending the front desk. It is difficult for some people to realize the power of "Hello", but believe me, for some people that might be the only conversation of their day.

I still found myself thinking of my age... I had to be 20-35 years older than most. Yikes! What am I doing here???

When I mentioned to co workers that I was spinning, I heard comments about their body size and how they would feel uncomfortable to try it out.  I quickly recognized that we all have crutches that hold us back from trying something. Whether it be size or age - HOW SILLY... WHO CARES! People are here to SPIN, not to judge anyone.

I am happy to say that I have done 60 classes and still looking forward to my next class.

Do I sometimes lose the beat - YES.
Do I use 2 lb weights - For sure.
Do I belong here - YOU BET!