I was walking along Whyte Ave one afternoon and noticed the YEG Cycle spin studio. As I enjoy riding my road bike, I thought that I might like to spin. I checked out the website and registered for the Introductory 2 Week package.

I showed up a bit early for my first class and watched as others arrived. Oh my goodness, they are all so young... very young! I was blessed to have Greg as my motivator and he sensed that I was nervous. He showed me where to grab a towel, weights (who said anything about using weights!) and how to set up my bike. He smiled and said to have fun. After 50 minutes of spinning, I was drenched in sweat, but actually smiling. Greg said to keep coming back and to experience other motivators, as everyone is unique. Over the next two weeks, I met the lovely Robyn and the ever so hilarious Oliver.

I soon realized that by signing up for the 5:15 class I was forcing myself to leave work on time. Due to some staffing issues I had become a hostage to my job which was affecting all avenues of my health... mentally, physically and socially. The more classes I took, the better I felt. I was being greeted by my first name and a smile from those attending the front desk. It is difficult for some people to realize the power of "Hello", but believe me, for some people that might be the only conversation of their day.

I still found myself thinking of my age... I had to be 20-35 years older than most. Yikes! What am I doing here???

When I mentioned to co workers that I was spinning, I heard comments about their body size and how they would feel uncomfortable to try it out.  I quickly recognized that we all have crutches that hold us back from trying something. Whether it be size or age - HOW SILLY... WHO CARES! People are here to SPIN, not to judge anyone.

I am happy to say that I have done 60 classes and still looking forward to my next class.

Do I sometimes lose the beat - YES.
Do I use 2 lb weights - For sure.
Do I belong here - YOU BET!