Hey Bikergang!

If you’ve been frequenting YEG Cycle the last few months, there’s a good chance you’ve probably seen my smiling face around the studio. While I haven’t been part of the Bikergang for very long, it’s quickly grown to hold a huge place in my heart and has become my happy place!

My first class was nothing short of a disaster.  After having stalked YEG Cycle on social for many, many months, I finally booked into a class with some friends (shout out to Greg and Megan for their “Night at the Movies Team Teach!”). Earlier in the day, I had experienced my very first panic/anxiety attack at work, and that left me feeling all sorts of overwhelmed and discombobulated. I really wanted to cancel the class (after all, how easy is it to tell yourself you “can’t” do something when you haven’t even tried it? Too easy. We are so quick to sell ourselves short!). Thankfully, I didn’t cancel my ride. Sure, it was not ideal - I was off beat, I was confused when they did pumps and dips and OMG a hover? No thank you!, and my heart wasn’t really in it, but I knew after those 50 minutes that this was going to be something I didn’t just like, but I really loved and would eventually crave.  The energy in that room is just SO contagious, and as a self-proclaimed positivity junkie, I knew I’d need a daily dose of that in my life! 

I’ve been on my personal health and wellness journey for just over two years.  It's had it’s ups and downs, and during it I’ve really tested my strength and resilience through dealing with a shoulder injury that I have had upwards of 10 years. I’ve fought the battle of trying to heal the injury (an old soccer injury from my teens!) while being active and trying to become the best version of myself, all while not making the injury worse.  I started my journey doing an intense circuit style workout program that satisfied my need for high intensity exercise and routine, but I quickly realized my shoulder couldn’t handle it, and ended up quitting it after almost a year of doing it daily.  It was devastating to go from being incredibly active to being limited in my activity (I was told at first to only do low intensity steady state activities at the order of my physiotherapist and chiropractor), and though I tried many different forms of exercise, gyms, programs and classes, it wasn’t until I came to YEG that I was able to crush a 50 minute workout, be exhausted and dripping in sweat, and have the insane endorphin rush that came from it, without the class hurting my shoulder. I obviously couldn’t use the weights, but that was the only thing that I had to modify.  From that moment on, I was hooked. I did my 3 week intro offer, and then jumped right into 6 months unlimited and haven’t looked back!

Now, you’ll find me at one of the two studios almost daily.  In just over two months, I crushed my 50th class, and even upgraded to 2 pound weights where I can *almost* do the entire weight track. My arms and shoulder have never felt stronger! I’ve sought out classes at YYC Cycle when I was in Calgary for work for a few days. I drag myself out of bed for 6ams when I know I can’t make it after work due to other commitments, or 8ams on the weekend because it’s become my form of “church”.  I’ve grown so much as a person since my YEG Cycle journey started. I’ve learned to appreciate my body for what it is capable of in that moment and time, and really, really make strides in my self-love and body positivity progress when I rock a sports bra or crop top in every class. You have to love what you’ve got, right?! I started my journey for the sole purpose of losing weight, but I’ve learned that the most important thing you can get out of physical activity is a sense of happiness and enjoyment.  If you aren’t enjoying the process, you certainly aren’t going to stick with whatever program, or class you are part of.  You need to love it, to crave it, to want it.  I certainly feel that way about YEG and all of the good vibes radiating through the studio!

I started coming daily to get my sweat on and fuel that desire for an intense workout. Now I come to share laughs with the crew, to sweat out stressful days and leave in a better mood, to share a piece of my happiness with my friends and introduce them to spin, to constantly grow and challenge myself and my physical capabilities and become “stronger than yesterday”.  I know it’s cliché, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and finding myself part of the Bikergang came at a time when I needed it the most.


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