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Abbottsfield Youth-Project: Inside the Last GIVE'R of 2018

Abbottsfield Youth-Project: Inside the Last GIVE'R of 2018

Four times a year, the Bikergang has an opportunity to nominate a charity of their choice to be the recipients of YEG-Cycle’s GIVE’R $10 ride.

Nominations will go live on Instagram, each comment adding a name to the list of hopefully lucky organizations.

Then, three charities are pulled at random from a hat (or box… or whatever else Jas has on hand..) and are voted on. The charity with the most votes will receive all the proceeds from three months of Friday night 6:40 pm rides. People will nominate the same charity over and over again, hoping they might be picked.

That’s what Bikergang member Jesse did.

And lucky for Abbottsfield Youth-Project Jesse has done a lot more than nominating the organization at which he is a proud volunteer and sponsor. “We only had three days to get everyone's votes in” Jesse explained, when asked about the work that went into having Abbottsfield Youth-Project win this quarter’s charity. “I was all over Instagram,” he continued, “and counting each vote as people commented. I couldn’t help but think: it was going to be now or never for them and I wanted to make sure they would win”.

The middle school Jesse attended is one of 13 schools in North Edmonton that the Abbottsfield Youth-Project currently runs programming from. In recent years, Jesse and his colleagues at Two12 Hospitality have been supporting the Abbottsfield Youth-Project by holding an annual fundraiser for the charity. In the past five years, Jesse’s team has raised over $116,000.

Most of the time, when a charity or nonprofit receives a grant, the dollars can only be spent on certain expenses. When a large donation can just be made to the organization, there is a lot more freedom with what the funding can be put toward. So to be a recipient of something like YEG-Cycle’s GIVE’R program can make a huge difference secondary outcomes for a nonprofit where there was simply no allocated funding before.

When asked about what it means for Abbottsfield Youth-Project to be the last GIVE’R of 2018, Jesse replied, “part of me feels like I won the lottery”.

So, when the Bikergang signs up for a GIVE’R for the next three months, who are they donating their money to?

The Abbottsfield Youth-Project (AYP) is an Edmonton-based charity has been providing free life-skills programs for children ages 6-12 who live in high-risk Northeast Edmonton communities since 1986. In 2017 alone, AYP supported 441 unique children and 326 unique families through their programming. More information on the various programming AYP offered in 2017 can be found in their annual report. By supporting children as early as in first grade, Jesse explained that there is a “compounding benefit” that occurs, allowing kids who are afforded fewer opportunities to still build a life and social skills as they progress through grade school.

“Every child should have the same chance in life,” says Jesse, “regardless of economic status.” Programming from AYP is one-way kids in Northeast Edmonton find a chance at equal opportunity.

Usually full and always a good time, the GIVE’R classes are a great way to support a great cause while getting your Friday sweat on. Make sure to check out this month’s Mo’s at both Whyte and 124th and support AYP from now until the end of December.