Amy H

“I’m nervous about trying new things, but I kept hearing about this new spin studio that I just had to go to. I had never even been to a spin class, which is funny considering that I belong to a gym with a spin studio where classes are included in my membership. But how can that be as fun as spinning in a dark room with colourful flashing lights where it feels like you're in a club? My sister invited me to go with her, and ever since then I was hooked. 

The music is so awesome and the motivators are so much fun that I often forget that I'm in the middle of a super intense cardio workout until its over and the adrenaline is rushing through me. Once I'm on my bike, I feel like I'm part of a team, just conquering the class together and supporting each other along the way. I love that. It’s a release for me too; if I've had a stressful day, going to class allows me to forget about anything I don’t need to worry about and start fresh. By going to class once a week over the past year, I think that I have become way stronger! I've definitely come a long way since my very first class. Now I can actually spin to the beat of the music and keep up with the super fast beats during those races. I can also handle more resistance during heavy climbs. Along with physical strength, I'm less afraid to sit in the front row; this is huge for me, as I have been very shy and self conscious.

My favorite tracks are always heavy climbs, where you put on so much resistance that you almost have to stand up and use the weight of your body to push through. It feels “SOOO good”, to quote my favourite motivator Steph! I love being encouraged to push myself outside of my limits, I love exercise and I love music. YEG Cycle has been perfect for me. “

- Amy H.