Brianna R

Bikergang! I can't believe it's been a year already! I'd been stalking YEG Cycle for months before it opened, driving past everyday on my way to work, searching the Internet for updates to make sure I didn't miss any grand opening announcements. I had recently become a spin fan the previous year when I randomly tried a spin class with my roommate. Truth be told, I didn't even want to go to that spin class; I heard it was hot, weird and the seats hurt your butt - but I liked it! In the coming months, I tried out a couple studios around the city and didn't quite find my fit. Enter YEG Cycle. My first class on grand opening day was with Sydney; the lights, the music, and the motivation were on point! I'm constantly telling people it's like going to the club while working out. My favourite part of, her class was when we were doing tricep dips and she said, "We're doing this for the tank tops!" To this day, I cannot do a tricep dip without thinking of that and laughing. I was hooked. 

I'm a workout-first-thing-in-the-morning person, so 6am classes during the week are the best way to start my day. YEG Cycle is my therapy, and in a lot of ways the best friend I didn't realize I needed. Getting to know the motivators and crew has been an absolute joy! I love that YEG Cycle has cultivated this amazing group of completely different individuals to lead us; there is really something for everyone here. It's 50 minutes where you are a part of this amazing team, but at the same time having a pretty intense private work out. It's about you, it's about what you want to put into it, and it's for nobody but you. 

I go to spin 5 days a week. It may sound like a lot, but in all truth I just love it so much. I genuinely like going to class because it’s fun, with the added bonuses of extra energy and losing almost 40lbs this year! I started coming to improve my fitness, I stayed because I love it. And don’t worry, the seats don't hurt your butt.”

- Brianna R.