Geoff R

“After my first spin studio experience back in 2013 in Calgary, I was instantly hooked to this new style of workout vs. conventional spin classes. Once I found out that YYC Cycle was opening a studio in Edmonton, I knew there was a studio I could frequent more often.
Hands down, the people are one of the biggest reasons I come back. From the motivators and the crew to fellow bikergang members, everyone makes this experience what it is. And let’s not forget the workout that we get; it’s an experience that motivates, moves, and inspires me to be the best version of myself.

Each motivator offers something different, and there is a motivator for each individual. By far pumps and dips are probably my most favorite part in class, since you are working more then just your core. The wide range of workouts within each class offers a total body workout, which is great.
Already being an active guy, I did not expect to see much growth with spin. Within the first couple months of the studio being open, I surprisingly saw more definition in my upper body. This was a shock for me, since spin usually does not have a lot of upper body workouts. Apart from this, I experienced a lot of growth emotionally and spiritually; something that I had only received from Yoga, not a high intensity workout.
Motivation, Positivity, and Community. These are the three words that have best described the past year at YEG Cycle. I have never been so motivated to push myself as hard as I have over the past year. From this motivation, I have been able to become a more positive person to inspire other to push harder to achieve short-term goals they have set for themselves. But without the spin community, I would not be able to achieve the other two.”

- Geoff R.