Heather C

“I live a block away, and about a month before the studio opened, I noticed the signs "good things are coming". As a runner who thinks that nothing beats an outdoor run, I thought, What the heck is the deal? It’s just a bunch of stationary bikes in a room - people ride them and it's considered a class? I walked in the day it opened; maybe I should at least try this nonsense just once.

The studio was very busy, and Farah was at the front desk. I walked up to drop-in, but the class was already full. I was determined to get the Mind Body app and sign up the next day. It was so different from what I was used to for a cardio workout, but I was hooked! I ended up buying a six month unlimited pass and it became a huge part of life, every week. I honestly forget who my first motivator was, but I love the energy all the motivators have with all of their different personalities. 

From all the sweating, I’ve honestly noticed a better complexion and a great improvement in my cardiovascular life when it comes to running distances and stairs. I’ve also noticed great new arm muscles, and I believe it has improved my attitude and concentration in everyday life. My most loved movements on the bike are the pumps, and honestly hovers because I love to work that booty!

The community at YEG Cycle is what sticks out for me – I couldn’t do this alone. I will always be coming to YEG cycle as it's become (cheese alert) part of my life and I love these guys!”

- Heather C.