Dallas S

“I have been on a journey to better health for the past couple of years. I started riding a bicycle in 2015 and wanted to continue in the winter, and spin at YEG Cycle was a good solution. I heard about the studio for months while Sydney, my friend and colleague at the time, was training to be a motivator. After the first Friends and Family class, I bought a package and have been going almost daily since its opening.

The Bikergang is a very friendly and welcoming group, and I have invited many friends who love it just as much as I do. The crew, the motivators and the Bikergang make this more than just a spin class. Once the studio door closes, it’s just you and 42 others focused and sweating. The outside world is gone for the next 50 minutes.

I like most of the movements on the bike, but my favorite is any heavy climb or climb/race.  My least favorites are looooong hovers and fast jogs, but the mixture in every class keeps it fun and interesting.

In my doctor’s opinion, spin has replaced my need for drugs to treat Type 2 Diabetes. I am no longer a diabetic and my blood pressure and cholesterol are now both fine. I always feel better after a class than before.  It is great for the mind and for body.”

- Dallas S.