Claire C

“I've always enjoyed spin, so I was excited to give this new studio a try. The variety of class times, instructors, music variation and class structures shook up my spin routine, and YEG Cycle quickly became my 'go to' place for spin. The selection of motivators offered at YEG Cycle, all with different approaches and different music styles to motivate the Bikergang, is what keeps me coming. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and they have taken the time to get to know my friends and me. That's another reason I keep coming back - my friends! I have so many friends who have made YEG Cycle part of their lifestyle too, which makes for a fun and inspiring atmosphere to be a part of. 

My running endurance has definitely improved since spinning regularly at YEG Cycle, especially when my training ramps up in the spring, I've found that spinning throughout the winter has given me a head start to marathon training. 
In class, I love tough climbs! The more tension the better; it really challenges my muscles and heart. By the end of the climb, I'm drenched and out of breath – there’s no better feeling!“

- Claire C.