Cody G

“I spent the first week of January of 2016 in Vancouver where I started spinning; when I came back to Edmonton, I didn't want to stop. The YEG Cycle opening worked perfectly with my newest obsession. I have been spinning for 10 years, but not this new style of spin that has been made at YEG Cycle.

After a year of spin, I keep coming back. For me, it's about mental health. The physical results of strength and endurance are just added bonuses. In terms of experiencing growth, I think I can speak for everyone when I say the 5lb weights basket used to always be full and now it's always empty. So we must be growing!

I have been pretty consistent in my attendance, and it has improved my overall outlook on so many things; sometimes I go because I need to be lifted and sometimes I go so I can share my happiness. It’s really the little things in life that we overlook. We all lose touch with what's real and what's not in this day and age, and YEG Cycle helps me get my feet back on the ground. This brings focus back on the mind, body and soul!”

- Cody G