Craig G

“I had been working hard on a weight loss regiment for about a year and had plateaued. I spent the summer biking in the river valley, but I was looking for something inside for the winter.  At that time, I was down about 45 pounds and eating well, but I was having trouble getting as much activity as I had been in the summer. During a Christmas break, I tried a spin class in the US and wanted to find a location in Edmonton. After trying a few studios I tried YEG Cycle and was hooked. 

I like both the variety of instructors in terms of music, methods of motivation, and personality along with the consistency of types of movements, class structure, and the overall mission of the studio to be a positive place for the clients and the community as a whole. 

My real motivation is to be healthier and to have better quality of life with my family who are very active as well. Since I have been riding with the Bikergang, my blood pressure is down to normal levels, my resting heart rate has dropped and I have lost an additional 35 pounds.  I found that when I got back on my bike in the valley this summer my stamina and hill climbing ability had improved dramatically.  

I have always had strong legs, I love power and pushing hard, and climbing is my favorite. There are also those great moments where the entire class gets the beat at the same time and everyone is in sync. Those times make me want to turn the knob to the right and challenge myself to keep up. 

I think the part of the mantra that describes my year at YEG Cycle is Motivation and Overcoming. I have had many trials and failures in my past with exercise. This has been the first place that I actually have a desire to come back to. I am motivated to come to the next class as I am stepping off the bike. It has been a huge moment for me and has positively influenced my life. “

- Craig G.