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11 Things Your Mo Thinks During Spin

11 Things Your Mo Thinks During Spin

We all know what we’re thinking during a spin class. We’re motivated, we’re fired up, and sometimes we slip off the bike, it’s just the usual. There’s one thing we’ve never known though, and we’ve never thought to ask. What is going through the minds of those gorgeous, grinning people at the front of the room? We asked some of our Mos what they’re usually thinking during class for your insight and entertainment. Below are 11 things your Mo probably thinks during class.

  1. “I get so frustrated when I don’t hit the lights when I mean to, or if I accidentally hit the wrong one.”

  2. “Wow, I shouldn’t have eaten those pizza pops before class…” 

  3. “I’ll sometimes ask how everyone is doing and no one or only one person responds. I start to worry everyone’s mad or upset or something.”

  4. “I try my hardest to get crowd participation and sometimes no one woos or cheers… Then I think oh my goodness no one is having fun. I also still get nervous before every class, 2 years of teaching later.”

  5. “Sometimes I play extremely obnoxious remixes from a good 90's throwback to Game of Thrones, Star Wars or Stranger Things. Whenever I have these types of tracks in my playlist I always love to watch the Bikergang's reaction. I can tell when someone absolutely hates it, or when someone totally loves it. I take note of the ones that seem to really work so I can hunt for more hidden gems to surprise you while you're riding. A true success is when I spot a good head roll or hair flip... I can't help throwing one back at you! Sometimes I think about how crazy I look when I literally CANNOT stop smiling when an oddball track works the room, it definitely fuels the class and helps me connect with you on another level.”

  6. “As if my shorts riding up during class wasn't enough, the exposed sweaty inner thigh also likes to chafe on the bike seat! It usually only happens during jogs and intervals though”

  7. “One thing I think before 95% of my rides is ‘Oh sh*t, I should NOT have eaten that [insert overly indulgent and delicious food here] right before class...’ It’s no secret though! I usually give the Bikergang a heads-up in case I’ve gotta bolt to the bathroom last minute. #girlsgottaeat”

  8. “I really hope they are laughing with me, not at me.”

  9. “Secretly I get so sad when people leave during the stretch. Stretch is one of the most important parts of the class!”

  10. “My handlebars are so sweaty I might slip during a pump and break my nose.”

  11. “I’m usually thinking about food and how much I'm looking forward to that amazing post-class snack.”

Aren’t we all number 11, aren’t we all.