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Beginner Spinner

Alea Ostry

Let me be the first to say it—exercise is hard.

Now I know I'm probably talking to you, a professional exerciser, but humor me for a moment. I hate sweat, breathing heavily, and feeling like death is imminent. I have never been anything close to a gym rat, and my definition of fun does not involve cardio. I would be the last person you would expect to find inside the doors of a spin studio.

Yet here we are. What the heck did you get yourself into Alea.

My name is Alea Ostry and I am the social media and marketing intern at YEG Cycle. I was thrown the idea of going to a spin class the evening of my first day. It was Jasmyn’s Beyoncé class. 

Did I almost go home and skip the class? Yes. Did I actually go home? Well, I made it halfway. Then my friend called me and told me SHE was going to be there so I better be there too.

So I showed up.

I’m going to give a quick shout out to Rebecca Lucy, because without her, I would’ve been so lost. She was probably the only reason I made it through my first class. So, as Rachel from 102.3 NOW Radio would say, SHOUT OUT.

After I filled out my waiver, the girl at the front gave me my shoes and I went to put them on.

“I’d wait till we get inside till you put those on.”





I’d learn the hard way at a different class why Rebecca said that. Hint: I fell on my face running out of the room when I forgot a towel.

Then I was given a towel and I entered the dungeon spin studio.

Now this is where I got a QUICK rundown of everything I’d need to know from Rebecca. Bike adjustments, hand positions, the resistance dial, MAKE SURE YOU USE THE 2LB WEIGHTS, oh, and sit down if it becomes too much. Okay.

Then I was introduced to the world of races, climbs, pumps and dips, hovering, and weight tracks. I was determined to keep up, even when I was unsure about something, but Jasmyn made it so easy to follow. She also gets a SHOUT OUT.

Guys, I killed it. I came out of my first spin class with what I can only assume was my first ever runners high. I pushed myself and came out victorious. 

I crushed 90% of Jasmyn’s class. The other 10% was split up equally. 5% was when I dropped a weight on the ground, shaking the whole row. The other 5% was when my foot slipped out of my left shoe and the pedal came barrelling around and SMACKED my calf, giving me a bruise the size of Beyoncé’s fan base. It lasted a week and a half.

Guys, if I'm talking to any non-exercise junkies like me, I have some advice. 

Try spin.

I went from exercising MAYBE once every 5 months to going about twice a week. From the flashing lights to the lit music (do people say that anymore?), It’s the type of exercise that actually makes me excited to get my heart rate up. And that’s rare.

Maybe it’s because I’m proud of myself every time I exit the studio, or maybe it’s the amazing people in the bikergang, but spin changed a little part of my life. I hope it can change yours a little too.

I look forward to seeing you guys walk through the door.