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Home of the Bikergang

Home of the Bikergang

Our community is built upon the stories of those who ride. With every add to the dial, we overcome battles, conquer goals and challenge ourselves to be stronger than we were yesterday. For 50 minutes, the beat of the music is in charge and together, we belong to something more.

We are nothing without community and the Bikergang is ours! Our collaboration with Local Laundry was a HUGE success. Our goal was to create a sweater for our people and to give back to our surrounding community at the same time and the outcome was too good not to share. So, read below to get to know a few of the amazing people who make up the Bikergang and hear why a stationary bike feels like home.

Cathy & Morgan

CathyMorgan 1 

“We pedal hard and yet travel no distance, our journey is one of self-discovery. We release all the days' worries and negativities and emerge a better version of ourselves. We never said it would be easy but change never is. When you first get on that bike you think "I've got this!”, and slowly you are humbled as you realize this is harder than it seems. But you have something to push you - a Motivator who is right there with you! There is a group of people who have been in your shoes, all elevating themselves through fitness. So you go back, and you get better! You make some wonderful connections, you meet people who are brother and sisters in arms. That my friend is the meaning of the YEG Cycle Bikergang. And when you hit that pinnacle you never want to leave.” 

Thomas & Brittney



“YEG Cycle is an important part of my day. It gets me pumped and makes me feel present! I love coming in every day to be greeted by the YEG Cycle fam at the front desk. We know each other by name and they always have my shoes ready for me. After joking around and high fives the ride is always electric and the biker gang is hyped to ride with all the motivators. When it is over I enjoy shooting the breeze with whoever is left lingering in the front lobby. It is a real community, one I want to promote and be a part of. It may be obnoxious to friends and family, but when I am with fellow YEG Cyclists we have to catch up on all the latest and our favourite rides. I am thankful for this in my life and it is why I feel at home at YEG Cycle.”


“YEG Cycle is like a family. Every time I come to class I feel at home because it’s just such a warm welcoming place! The YEG crew get to know everyone who comes to spin. I’ve been coming for almost a year now and it feels like I’ve been a part of the crew forever. I’ve had motivators come out to my musical performances and support me outside of the studio, too! Ive made so many friendships with the crew and regulars that spin. It’s such a judgment-free environment, everyone is welcome! I’ve been exercising my whole life and I’ve never found anything as motivating and liberating as spin. I love being a part of the Bikergang, and I love YEG Cycle”

Jesse & Amber



“I used to be a traditional gym guy. Weights and treadmill combo (with a little bit of beer league hockey). This was suiting me just fine until I sustained an injury. After being diagnosed, I was told that I couldn’t run, lunge or skate. I looked at my doctor and asked, “what does that leave?” He replied, “have you ever tried a bike?” And … my YEG Cycle journey began. I have to admit, I felt pretty uncoordinated the first number of classes and it took me a while to understand the rhythm, movements and varying paces. However, it was always an amazing workout. Being new and inexperienced at something can be intimidating; but the staff, Motivators and fellow classmates (aka “Bikergang”) were great. Like a unique little modern family. Everyone was very encouraging and supportive. Once I was able to get a good grasp of pumps, dips, races, climbs, 2 back and 2 forward, I made my next realization about digging deep and pushing myself. My gym workouts (self-guided, of course) were often lacking pace and motivation. When I played high-level competitive sports as a younger man, I really enjoyed pushing my limits in a game - digging deep, finding the next gear, whatever you like to call it. Spin made this available to me again; surrendering to the class, focusing on my bike and the Motivator allows me to push beyond my “limits”. YEG Cycle has brought a new dynamic to my personal growth and fitness. I have met a lot of great people, who are now friends and even one that became a roommate! For a spin class in YEG, it’s YEG Cycle.”


“YEG Cycle has transformed my relationship with exercising. After doing a bodybuilding challenge, my relationship with working out became stressful rather than fun and for my health. When Jesse asked me if I wanted to do spin I was hesitant because I believed I hated spin. At first, I found it difficult, it hurt to sit for days after, and I couldn't find the beat, but after a couple classes my dislike for spin turned into love, it became a dance class where I felt empowered, expanded and inspired. I never knew what the community felt like until I became immersed in YEG Cycle and met some of my best friends. It was no longer just about the class, but about what it made me feel during and after. And my butt got bigger which was a bonus!”



What started nearly two years ago as an attempt to diversify my fitness routine and boost my cardio while training for a half marathon has become a staple in my life! Being part of the Bikergang not only provides a killer workout but also an awesome sense of community.



“I am 47 years old and was talked into trying YEG Cycle 2 years ago after knee surgery. I have asthma, and to fight that I try to stay fit. I have run for years, and when I couldn't after surgery, I was frustrated and grouchy, thinking it would be years before I could have that satisfied feeling of a good run again. Coming to spin and being able to sweat was a sweet surprise. Spinning feels like listening to loud music in your car with the windows down combined with endorphins from a great work out - and doing it with a bunch of other people! Making friends and finding a community that is encouraging regardless of age was a bonus gift. So was talking my kids and husband into joining me!"


BIG Thank you to everyone who was part of this success--Our studios will forever feel like home because of all of you!