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Bikergang, we have been riding the high these past few weeks post re-opening! Thank you for your endless patience and understanding that has allowed us to re-open with intention, safety and purpose.

As the current COVID-19 situation continues to progress in a positive decline, restrictions may be lifted that impact your experience in-studio. As of July 1st, the Government of Alberta will be lifting all indoor capacity restrictions. This means, as per government guidelines, we are able to return to classes at full capacity. 

Safety has always been our #1 priority, and with that in mind, we have decided that we will not be opening at full capacity on July 1st. Rather, we will be focusing in on a phased re-opening plan that allows us to gradually return to full capacity in the upcoming months. 

This approach ensures that we are able to closely monitor the in-studio progress and ensure that safety is never compromised.


Phase 1 begins: July 5th

Phase. 1 (updated) begins: July 12th 


  • Masks will be encouraged, but no longer mandatory


  • Health screening checklists swill remain a requirement of your check-in process.


  • Barriers will be kept in the back of the spin rooms between bikes, while the barriers in the front of the room will be removed


  • 4-5 bikes added per studio.


  • Washrooms/Change rooms will be reopening, but will be limited to 1 shower.


  • Lockers will be back open for use. We still encourage you to keep your belongings in your vehicle or at home to reduce contact points.


  • The spin room will go back to a no phone zone. Please leave your phone in your vehicle or lock it up in a locker before your ride.


  • Benches will be open for use outside the spin room. We ask that they only be used briefly to avoid unnecessary gathering.


We are committing to transparency and honest communication with you throughout this process. As we are ready to progress past this stage, you’ll be the first to hear of all the details.


Thank you, Bikergang! See you on the bike!