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The Spinnies - It's award season at YEG Cycle

The Spinnies - It's award season at YEG Cycle

Let's celebrate what makes our Motivators unique. From making you chuckle to getting that new Ariana Grande song stuck in your head, the time is now to VOTE for the YEG Cycle Spinnies.

DETAILS: You have 24 hours to vote--Visit our Instagram (Click on our Instagram Story) to vote. **Winners will be announced Tuesday, January 22, 2019.


Most likely to drop it like it’s hot

This motivator is known for heavy beat drops. You may question if you’re at a rave or a spin class. Get ready for intense pumps and dips, a light show, and explosive HIITs. Maybe grab those earplugs, just in case!

  1. Nathan Lehman 
  2. Linda Suurhoff
  3. Katarina Dreisbach

Most likely to Call You, Maybe

This motivator is known for getting songs stuck in your head. Viral songs, oldies, and top 50s - you’ll leave secretly wanting more. So “if you wanna be my lover,” come to this motivator’s class. “You spin me right ‘round baby right ‘round.”

  1. Jeff Thi
  2. Becky Robinson
  3. Lindsay Cox

Most likely to werk the runway  

This motivator has killer style. Fashionable activewear inside the spin room and everyday wear outside the spin room. You may be inspired by them to get a new spin outfit for yourself – and yes, cute workout gear does make you want to work out.

  1. Ashley Eduveje
  2. Steph Mendes & Jasmyn Ellis
  3. Katarina Dreisbach

Most likely to make you pump and giggle

This motivator makes you belly laugh on and off the bike. Their one-liners, ironic song choices, singing along are memorable. Their class may inspire you to let your sparkly personality shine through. Singing along definitely makes those jogs fly by!

  1. Becky Robinson
  2. Jeff Thi
  3. Greg Lalonde

Goosebumps when you pump

This motivator is known for giving inspiring words of wisdom. You may question if you’re at Ted Talk or a spin class. Their class may make you say, “I feel you on a spiritual level.” You walk out refreshed, energized and encouraged to tackle anything you’re facing outside of the studio.

  1. Jasmyn Ellis
  2. Ryan HamiltonKatarina Dreisbach
  3. Katie Chamberlain