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  • CREW


    Do you love YEG Cycle and would like to work with some of the best people around? ...

    Do you love YEG Cycle and would like to work with some of the best people around?

    Well, you’re in luck! We have Crew (energy exchange) positions at all three of our studios.

    So what does being Crew look like?

    We ask that our Crew commit to at least one 4 hour shift per week doing a variety of tasks such as cleaning, chatting with the Bikergang and helping out at the front desk when necessary. For every 4 hour shift, you will receive 2 spin classes onto your account. You are always allowed to pick up more shifts as well.

    What would I be doing during my shifts?

    As Crew, your main priority is, of course, taking care of the Bikergang.  Helping get them set up on bikes, studio tours and giving that warm welcome that makes us unique. Other duties involve doing laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the showers, cleaning the washrooms, and other ‘general cleaning’ duties. It’s a fun atmosphere and definitely a social one at that. Our Crew truly are our family!

    What are the expectations of being Crew for YYC Cycle?

    We expect that upon application you have a love for Spin! We want to be sure that you love our studio and our vibe before you make a commitment to us, and we make a commitment to you! We ask that all our Crew commit to a minimum six-month period working at least one 4-hour shift/week.  

    Having a Crew shift should be treated as a regular paying job; Crew are expected to show up on time each week for their shift. If you can’t come in for some reason (illness, out of town) then it’s your responsibility to have it covered and to let your Manager know. Crew are always willing to swap and help you out when you’re in a bind.

    Sound fun? Let’s get that application in!

    Email all resumes to




    Senior Marketing Manager


    Since 2014, YYC & YEG CYCLE exists to create a safe and inclusive fitness experience for every body. We pride ourselves in providing more than just a spin class, but a place to connect, grow, and empower. Over the last eight years, we’ve donated more than $850,000.00 to local community charities and organizations with the help of our Bikergang (riders) to make an impact on as many people as we can. 


    We are currently seeking a Senior Marketing Manager to join our leadership team. They will lead a team of content coordinators and social media interns and contribute to the overall company growth and profitability by managing the company's marketing and communications strategies. The ultimate goal for this team is to generate awareness, interest, and leads. 


    Job Details



    The Senior Marketing Manager will contribute to the overall company growth and profitability by expertly and efficiently managing the company's Marketing and Communications strategies. The Senior Marketing Manager will effectively grow the existing Marketing and Communications teams to cultivate an aligned strategy within all of YYC and YEG CYCLE studios that speak to the vision of our Company, our Culture, and our Community. 

    This person leads with integrity, is a role model, and is responsible for the success and health of the studios in their designated region. Other responsibilities include:




    This person will spend their days leading their team of content coordinators and social media interns in each city, crafting strategic marketing campaigns for current and future YYC/YEG CYCLE Studios and Brand. Primarily focused on digital strategies, they will be coming up with creative strategies, messaging, overseeing design, social media, video production, and digital advertising campaigns - all with the objective to drive brand awareness, and generate qualified leads in the form of new riders to our studios.


    Collectively with their team, the Senior Marketing Manager will be responsible for:

    • Leading, mentoring, and collaborating with an existing Marketing and Communications team in both Calgary and Edmonton. 
    • Developing, managing, and executing an annual marketing plan to support long and short-term goals for current and future YYC/YEG CYCLE studios. 
    • Overseeing all branding, advertising, and promotional campaigns (online and offline). 
    • Monitoring, evaluating, and optimizing digital marketing performance (paid and organic). 
    • Managing and maintaining our internal websites.
    • Executing a robust content strategy including e-newsletters, social media, and video. 
    • Building a sustainable rider-acquisition program that generates over 50 new riders per studio per week. 
    • Stays up-to-date with the latest and emerging marketing trends and technologies.


    The ultimate goal for this department is to generate awareness, interest, desire, and action from our target demographic riders to continue building our Bikerang. This is B2C marketing at it’s finest, and you’ll be given the resources necessary to execute on high expectations (ie. budget and people).


    Required Experience & Skills

     This person should have marketing passion above all else.  They are the person who pays attention to marketing and advertisements and thinks aloud to themselves, what was the strategy here?  They see an Instagram ad, and wonder, how would I change this creative? They have experience in crafting digital marketing campaigns and effectively leading a team on the collaborative execution of them.


    • Post-secondary education in business, marketing, communications or a related field. 
    • 3+ years of work experience in digital marketing, content creation and developing marketing strategies. 
    • Previous leadership experience is a major asset. 
    • Expertise in all social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 
    • Understanding and working knowledge of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, conversion tracking and analytics. 
    • Strong background in developing marketing strategies (targeting, audience building, remarketing, tracking and analytics). 
    • A diverse skill set, including graphic design, web development and video editing is an asset. 

     As you can see from above, a diverse skill set is considered a huge asset, including graphic design, content creation, web development, and video editing. Ideally, you understand the use of effective marketing language and design, digital and traditional marketing, acquisition funnels, drip campaigns, and a strong sense of effective call-to-action marketing. Consumer and behavioural psychology is something that interests you, and you’re always looking for ways to optimize… well, EVERYTHING! 

    In terms of education, we are looking for someone with a University Degree in Business, Marketing, Communications (or similar). If you lack the degree, make sure you tell us how you’re committing yourself to lifelong learning. Rather than know you’ve attended (and passed) a bunch of classes, we want to know if you are passionate about self-development, both personally and professionally. We are looking for someone who pushes past the status quo and creates their own path in life. 


    In terms of experience, we are looking for someone with 3+ years of Marketing Experience in a leadership (or similar) role. Someone who has effectively led a Marketing and Communications team or has demonstrated the skills and ability to take the next step into leading their own team in this field. 


    This person should have passion above all else. They are a person who wants to grow their career, not just find a job. 


    How to Apply


    At YYC & YEG CYCLE, we believe that most job requirements and conceptual knowledge are easily trainable. But you can’t teach drive, ambition, or passion. After all, we're in the business of passion! Our hiring managers consider alignment with our core values and passion for our company culture to be as valuable as experience and education. 


    After reading this job description, we want you to ask yourself: 


    Am I the exact right person for this role? 

    Do I align with YYC & YEG CYCLE’s core values and culture? 


    If you’ve answered yes to both questions, we want to hear from you! Here are 4 easy steps that will help us get to know you better.


    Here are 3 easy steps that will help us get to know you better. 

    1. Ensure your professional cover letter/resume is up-to-date and highlights key points and examples of what we are looking for.
    2. Create an engaging video introduction for us to get to know you and your passion for joining our team (maximum 3 minutes). If you do not include a video introduction, you will not be considered for this role. 
    3. Apply by emailing the following link:


    Applications will be open until January 28th, 2022. 

    All successful candidates will be contacted via email to discuss the next steps. We appreciate all applications and wish you all the best of luck! 


    Here are 3 easy steps that will help us get to know you better.