Emily Gleave-Higa

  • Salad Connoisseur
  • Student of Political Science + English
  • Skip the Dishes Over-user
  • Connection Seeker
  • Musically Inclined

Inspired by

My passion is creating positive connections with those around me! Riding a class at YEG Cycle is so much more than a phenomenal workout; it is the feeling of accomplishing something together and being part of a positive community that makes it so special. The spin room can be a place where goals are crushed, friendships are made and passions are discovered. As a Motivator, I consider myself so beyond privileged to be able to share in this beautiful, positive and inspiring space!


Reading, working out with friends, learning useless facts, studying in coffee shops, watching Mad Men, writing letters, doing laundry (weird, I know) and aimlessly scrolling through TikTok (I'm not proud of it)

Arugula salad with tomatoes and avocado, my Mom's arugula and prosciutto salad, iced oat lattes (typically vanilla but any flavour will do), oranges, sweet chilli heat doritos, curry of any kind, salmon sashimi, milkshakes, anything my Dad makes

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