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I love people, and helping them to challenge their mind, body, and soul and seeing them realize that getting out of your comfort zone is a beautiful and rewarding thing inspires me the most. My favourite saying in life is choose to surround yourself with phenomenal people who are confident and secure enough to know that there is enough room for us all to make it to the finish line. YEG Cycle is an incredible C O M M U N I T Y of phenomenal people. Everyone from the Motivators to the Crew, to the Bikergang want to see you do well and support you. Not only are you guaranteed a great sweat to some great music, but more than that you are surrounded by amazing people, in a judgment-free zone, who want to see you reach that finish line. Everyone is genuinely there to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be, and help you become stronger than yesterday. This is so much more than a spin class.


spin, boxing, running, reading, hiking, traveling, Netflix, brunching, reading/watching all things criminal law related

CARBS CARBS CARBS, Doughnuts, Nutella, Fuzzy Peaches, Bloom Cookies, Yelo’d Ice Cream, Remedy Butter Chicken Wraps, Pizza (from Tony’s), Fruit, Juice, Decaffeinated Tea (no caffeine for this girl ever)…I’m a foodie, so I could keep going …

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