Taylor Pitman

  • Overly dramatic.. in a good way
  • Mountain Seeker
  • Rollerblading enthusiast
  • Psychology nerd
  • Aspiring chef at home

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Every time I come into the studio I am inspired by the community that is YEG – Cycle. One group of people spinning in a dark room together on a stationary bike from all walks of life. That room has the power to change your day. No matter what’s been going on, 50 minutes sweating it out always leaves me feeling so happy. I am motivated and inspired by the change that is possible in that room it you let it happen.

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Hiking, photography, mountain biking, rollerblading, figure skating, Drinking on patios, exploring new places, musicals, and watching Netflix

Wine, Caesars, anything Mediterranean, pizza, poke bowls, sushi, & salty snacks

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124th Street Studio | Whyte Ave

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